The long waited, the brand new iOS 6. Personally not so impressed with all the new stuff BUT very disappointed by the new Apple Maps.

First of all: maps for various regions from Europe (at least) are very poor. Second: I miss Street View. And third: Points of Interest - try to find local businesses - it's like trying to find a treasure.

So I was wondering - Is there any way to access Google Maps in an App not in the browser of the phone. Well there at least one way: Access App Store and search for MapPocket or MapPocket LITE (the free stuff). This app lets you select from various maps providers including - you guessed - Google Maps. And voila! Now you have good old Google Maps on your phone again and in app mode. Thanks a lot Apple!

Of course you'll miss Street View - but there is another great app - search in the App Store for Live Street View or Live Street View Free and you're almost on the street except you'll be using Street View from Google combined with the maps from Apple because in iOS 6 any app that uses maps will be getting the maps from Apple which I understood it gets the maps from TomTom - but that's another story.

So if you're stuck with iOS 6 on your iPhone after an upgrade or you bought the new iPhone 5 remember that is not impossible to have Google Maps App again on your device on iOS 6.

Of course as I am writing these tips Google hasn't released an official maps app in Apple's App Store.

Good luck!